Thursday, January 12, 2012

End of the Year Post - Core Solutions

With 2011 coming to a close, many professionals who have contacted Core Solutions this year likely still have families on their case load who still need to find a solution that will halt their teen’s destructive, out-of-control behaviors. Additional resources are needed.

Consider Core Solutions your resource for fresh solutions and answers when your families need a ‘next step’ option. Since 2004, we have teamed with professionals and have a solid record in helping their families become a whole and healthy family.

Core Solutions offers a variety of services to families regardless of income, location, age, issues, etc. Here is a glimpse of our most utilized services:

(High-Risk Teens)

NATIONAL TREATMENT FINDER –Based on the assessment of a teen’s more extreme behavior, it may require more extreme measures. For teens headed for disaster, for their safety and well-being it can be best to remove them from their environment and negative influences and enroll them in a safe, structured, results-oriented program. We specialize in these cases and work closely with the parent(s) to identify regional programs, more long term in nature. With over 2500 programs available, including Wilderness Programs, Boot Camps, Therapeutic Residential Treatment Center and Specialty Boarding Schools it’s critical that families find what best suits their teen’s needs and family goals.

(Moderate-Risk Teens)

LOCAL PROGRAM FINDER - We partner with your referred family and assist them in finding local resources based on the assessment of their teen(s) as well as the particular family dynamics. This may be in-patient / out-patient, local support groups meetings, a course for the teen, as well as the family, etc.

(Low-Risk Teens)

IN-HOME COACHING PROGRAM - This in-home program is designated for families that may just be coming into challenging teen behavior, give parents stronger tools to work with, create dialogue in the family, for the purpose of getting things reeled in and managed. This program is a process that lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks and has been proven to help get the family as a whole back on track.

If you have a family that you just don’t know what else to offer them, or a particular teen that is pulling at your heartstrings, please do them a favor and refer them our way.

Help them to get ahead of the curve and a chance to start their New Year off in the right direction.