Sunday, March 29, 2009

Your employee team is the face and reputation of your School!

The truth is, marketing starts from the inside out. The more your staff is engaged, the higher your credibility.

Three Easy Steps with Your Community!

• Step 1: Synchronize Your School’s Personality, Values and Corporate Culture
Via your Community, you will be able to demonstrate a unified staff voice. This will reinforce that your employees are a unified front, when working with the students and families you serve.
• Step 2: Get Your Employees Behind Your School
Your employees exposure and involvement with your Community will strengthen their resolve and increase their personal interest in the mission of your school.
• Step 3: Reinforce Your School Values and Behaviors
Use your Community to explain and reinforce the values and behaviors that reflect your School’s vision.

Contact Core Solutions today to find out how to transform your staff body from powerful individuals to a powerful Community!