Friday, January 20, 2012

Should I Drug Test My Teen?

Drug use among American teens is a serious concern. A huge fear for parents is that their child could become ensnared in the web of drug use. It’s a nightmarish thought for parents. Nobody wants to think it would happen to their kid. And therein lies a scenario that sets the stage for parental denial which can put their child at further risk.

One of the best ways parents can protect their kids is to do drug tests, and yet many parents haven’t even considered it. Perhaps they’re not even aware that home drug tests are affordably priced and are easily available at their local pharmacy and online. There are tests for drugs, alcohol and tobacco use.

Drug testing your teen is a very effective way of preventing drug use. For teens whose parents have implemented drug testing, it can give them the extra courage they need to say no. Being able to tell their peers, “My parents drug test me”, can be just what they need to arm themselves with a defense that could save their life.

It doesn’t have to be a battle ground. Approach by letting them know you love them, that you are aware of the availability of drugs and pressures to use, and that you’ll use any tool needed to keep them from going down that destructive path.

Drug testing in the work place is a common business practice done for the purpose of safeguarding that business. Perhaps you’ve had to take one as per terms of your own employment. How much more important is it to you to safeguard your child?
Being a teen in today’s world carries some very scary prospects and pressures. Parents, don’t add to those pressures by being in denial about what they face. The statistics are alarming. According to a study done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, only 18% of parents thought their teens had tried drugs. Yet 53% of their teens admitted to having used drugs. How many of those parents had previously deluded themselves into thinking, “Not my kid”?

Drugs tests done in the privacy of your own home is a way parents can take loving control of their teen’s drug use experimentation from becoming an addiction that could result in seriously compromising their health, involved in an accident, trouble with the police, in jail, a lifetime of addiction, or worse.
Quick, accurate, inexpensive drug tests, done in the privacy of your own home, can prevent teen drug use. Give your teen another reason to Just Say No!