Monday, October 15, 2007

Core Solutions Takes Proactive Stand

October 14, 2007

In light of the recent Congressional Hearing, Core Solutions is taking a proactive stand to work in alliance with Schools and Programs intent on being viewed as Family Friendly, transparent in its day-to-day operations, and working in concert with the parents they serve.

The follow-up Congressional Hearing is scheduled for February 2008. As an industry, we must prepare. There has never been a more critical time to further empower and rally the support of your families. Their voices need to be heard and their stories told. They are your strength, your strongest ally and are the evidence of your true and honest intent.

Some key areas of value that our Bulletin Board services will provide to your Program:

  • A private secured online Bulletin Board system customized specifically for your program, available 24/7; includes regular monitoring to preserve the integrity of your School's Community.

  • The Schools are viewed as running a transparent program; no shroud of secrecy.

  • Viewed as a Family Friendly program. Your Bulletin Board quickly enhances and expands the family component of your program, providing a way for your families to tightly team with you for the true intent of actual family healing, not just treating their child.

  • Each Board reflects the individual branding of that Facility, i.e.: colors, logo, feel and they develop their own Facility Culture.

  • The overall Board culture reinforces the need for following program guidelines, graduation, and family involvement in order to make the changes needed for when their child returns home and to support their child's changes.

  • We have a very reputable reference list that you are welcome to contact.

  • A private, secure online central location to post Parent Manuals, Photos, News Articles, Research, Training and Resource Information, up-to-date notices about the Facility, Staff, returning graduate visits, upcoming events, family weekends, graduations, and showcase accomplishments, academic info, etc.

  • Economical for the Facilities, as we handle the training, monitoring, registrations, invites, terminations, and technical issues 365 days a year, including 'after hours'.

  • Our streamlined proven Bulletin Board system eliminates the learning curve of getting an online Community going for the families, and helping a program make it work for them.

  • The Administration will gain solid feedback on the effectiveness and dependability about Staff and program outcome.

  • Be Prepared. A functional Bulletin Board is the quickest, most efficient and effective way to become part of the solution by having a communication system that will aid your program in being prepared in all areas for the upcoming Congressional Hearing.

There are two things that are here to stay: technology and parent's needs. However, due to the unique nature of our industry, it takes much more then technical know-how to make a Bulletin Board work effectively and productively for a program. It's not just about setting a system up. It's about how to make that system work in sync with the goals and vision of the program. How to create unity and teamwork. We know how to make your Bulletin Board Service help communication with your parents, so that it doesn't work against you. It's the combined background of the Core Solutions Team - our experience and dedication to the family healing industry - that marries the two successfully!

Recognizing every private entity in the family healing field has an obligation and responsibility to be part of the solution, Core Solutions is willing to be the first contributor by offering a rate reduction through November 20th, 2007. Contact for more information. We are intent on having those Schools in full operation prior to the next hearing so that the true message can be heard.

About Core Solutions:
Core Solutions is known for their successful, affordable private and secure online parent bulletin board service, customized for individual programs, Ed Consultant Groups and other professional organizations.

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