Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Online Parent Support

A Win/Win for Families and Schools

By Randall Cook
Operations Manager
Core Solutions

Core Solutions is the next chapter in the evolution of private Schools. It’s not just the best of technology that makes Core Solutions an ideal industry partner. It’s the Core Solutions team’s experience and understanding of this industry that makes their ability to successfully apply and integrate the latest technology to meet the needs of the families, staff and individual programs. Core Solutions creates a win/win scenario for all. Core Solutions private, secured system provides the support, communication, and encouragement parents hunger for when their child is in treatment.

“We are very happy, but most importantly, our parents are delighted with this service", comments Richard Williams, (Former) Director of Marketing and Business Development, Three Springs Adolescent Treatment Programs.

In this day and age, parents are eager, and in some cases demanding more parent support and involvement. In attempting to bridge that gap, many Schools offer parent workshops, conferences and seminars. Yet the on-going needs parents naturally have for information, connection and support during the time their child is in their program, outstrips all best efforts of any staff. To each family, there is only one child in the Program … their’s. Yet the Program Staff are responsible for all students in their care. Recognizing the value of mentoring, some Schools have parent support groups meeting in various locations around the country. Yet, many families cannot attend because they do not reside close enough to where they’re being held.

The solution? Simply bring the support group to them … in their own living, room, home office, at work, airports, in the US or out. They can be connected anywhere. It is support they can access 24/7, anytime of the day or night, 365 days a year. Parents have a need to connect to someone else who knows exactly what they are going through. They need support and encouragement for their family’s tough challenges. They want to celebrate with someone who will truly understand their joy as progress is made. Who better to do that then other families who have been there, done that? Connecting with other parents sharing their own family healing and who can offer encouragement to stay the course.

“One of the most important trends in private residential schools and programs for children with problems has been to bring parents into the loop,” states Lon Woodbury, Woodbury Reports, Inc. (Parents in the Loop -http://www.strugglingteens.com/artman/publish/article_5493.shtml)

Dean Porterfield, Program Administrator for Three Springs of Duck River reports, “Our relationship with Core Solutions has been a very positive experience and has aided in our Program taking the support we offer our families to the next level. I have heard nothing but positive things from all of my clients. Many have asked, ‘I can't imagine not having the support of the Community Board, how did we survive before?’ It has aided in our families sharing their emotional journeys of growth, and they know support for those tough days is only a click away. In addition, the support services have been exceptional.”

Technology, and the desire of parents to be involved, will not fade away. Welcome this change that will create more opportunity for your parents to become part of the solution. In our commitment to creating a win/win there is a standing invitation for all families who want a “virtual support group” at their Facility. Feel free to contact us to be sure your School is not being overlooked.

Core Solutions will customize your private, secured, Community to meet and support your individual Program format. Learn how simple and quick it is to have your online Community launched. With Core Solutions services in place, you will become known as a Family Friendly Program. www.CoreBB.com

Randall Cook has applied his vast experience, intensity and insight to Core Solutions and as a result has created an unrivaled value for Core’s client Programs and Schools, and their incredible parents. In the years since graduating an adolescent residential program himself, he went on to work in various capacities in the private youth placement arena. Now being the proud husband and father of a wonderful young family himself, he has found great purpose in serving other parents and their families.