Friday, January 19, 2007

Get to know Glenda Gabriel

Get to know one of the main contributing Authors:

Glenda Gabriel is a strong advocate for parent's rights and the parent-choice industry. In addition to being the mother of a program graduate, she's worked for many years developing vital parent support services for structured residential boarding schools.

Having at one time experienced her own child’s self-destructive behavior, she knows first hand the horrific roller coaster of emotions parents go through; helplessness and the loss of hope, fueled by guilt, shame and isolation. No matter how supportive and caring their personal support system, no one really understands what they’re going through.

Driven by a passion to make a difference, and understanding these parents unique needs, Glenda went on to create and introduce many innovative solutions for the parent-choice industry, that work with at-risk youth and their families. The results gave a venue and voice for more parent involvement. These solutions met the parent’s need for support, ‘tightened ranks’ with their child’s program, and encouraged personal ownership so that the entire family was working towards growth and healing. She also started parent support groups organized for parents of at-risk kids who were needing and/or already in treatment. Those groups rapidly multiplied and spread across the country. Her willingness to share her experiences, reasons to hope, and being an advocate for personal ownership, quickly made her a sought after speaker by parent groups, volunteer and humanitarian organizations, PTAs and school faculties, and programs and schools associated with the parent-choice industry.

Glenda points out that everyone has a stake in turning around the lives of kids with out-of-control behavior. Everyone benefits by a willingness to be part of the solution to stop the destruction, because our youth, and their families, are the very heart and foundation of our country. Their success ripples out and benefits us all.